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Pitter Event Center Ballroom

  • pitter-ballroom-light-design-1
  • pitter-ballroom-light-design-2
  • pitter-ballroom-light-design-4
  • pitter-ballroom-light-design-5
  • pitter-ballroom-light-design-custom-6
  • pitter-ballroom-light-design-custom-7
  • NOVA-LUX_Pitter-event-center_3D-render
  • NOVA-LUX_Pitter-event-center_chandelier-design

Light design of a ballroom in Pitter Event Center, in Hotel Imlauer, Salzburg, with various lighting scenes of this multipurpose hall, with a custom made chandeliers under glass domes, transform this space for different occasions.

Photos/Renders by: NOVA-LUX d.o.o.

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