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Petrol stations Lukoil

  • Benz-Djurdjevac-002-Render
  • Lukoil-Benz-Zagreb-001-Foto
  • Lukoil-Benz-Zagreb-001-Render
  • Lukoil-Benz-Zagreb-002-Foto
  • Lukoil-Benz-Zagreb-002-Render
  • Benz-Djurdjevac-001-Foto
  • Benz-Djurdjevac-001-Render
  • Benz-Djurdjevac-002-Foto

For more than 15 Lukoil petrol stations, a complete Electrical design was made including lighting (indoor, outdoor and security lighting), low voltage switchgear, electrical installations for the heating system, air conditioning and ventilation, equipotential bonding and grounding, system of lightning protection, electronic communications network and sound system.

Photos/Renders by: NOVA-LUX d.o.o.

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