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Bol Sea Walking Path

  • BOL_setnica_1_DAYTIME
  • BOL_setnica_1_NIGHT without floor recessed luminaires
  • BOL_setnica_1_NIGHT-with floor recessed luminaires
  • BOL_setnica_2_DAYTIME
  • BOL_setnica_2_NIGHT_without floor recessed luminaires
  • BOL_setnica_2_NIGHT-with floor recessed luminaires
  • BOL_setnica_0_DAYTIME
  • BOL_setnica_0_NIGHT_without floor recessed luminaires
  • BOL_setnica_0_NIGHT-with floor recessed luminaires

Bol on Brac Island, is a famous touristical center in Croatia. The city of Bol was asking for an attractive light visure of this beautiful walking path near the Adriatic sea. NOVA-LUX have created a light design that combines an impressive landscape lighting of this old trees and modern urban lighting, which can be controlled separatelly in order to save energy in late night. For both types of lighting, LED techology is used.

Photos/Renders by: NOVA-LUX d.o.o.

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