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Pitter Event Center in Salzburg is finalized

After the renovation, the Pitter Event Center of The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Salzburg is opened on 1st of October 2014.

The Crowne Plaza Salzburg – The Pitter & Pitter Event Center is located in the Salzburg city centre, and it is a part of Imlauer Hotels and Restaurants. In October 2014, the hotel opened their brand-new Pitter Event Center, with 11 well-equipped and elegant conference rooms.

Light design of the main conference room – the ballroom, was made by NOVA-LUX, in cooperation with 2F Hotellicht company from Austria. Light design management control defines a various lighting scenes in order to be able to follow multiply tasks of this multipurpose hall. The ballroom can be devided into 6 separate parts, and therefore the light management control is able to make every part separatelly managable and with the same quality of light. A specific custom made chandeliers was designed by NOVA-LUX, which are situated under 6 glass domes. We wanted to make them transluscent in order to transpass the daylight during day, but also to be transformed into impressive sculptures during night with coloured light. Therefore, this chandeliers are made of glass in the specific form of spiralls, to be able to reflect the light in all directions – to glow. The dimensions of this chandeliers had to follow very specific needs regarding projectors for presentations, therefore we had to adjust the length of this spirals very precizelly. The specific ceiling is also lit with LED strips, which is adding a specific atmosphere into the whole area. With combinations of various light scenes and colours of light, it is possible to create a scene for any occasions: a romantic wedding, a business conference, a concert of classical music, or modern dance competition, or TV show… With light, this ballroom can be transformed into endless types of places of people interactiveness.


The whole ballroom is equiped by LED, totally dimmable and managable. Despite the high complexity of the ballroom lighting and the light management control, the final managing is user-friendly, offering easy touch-screen changing of pre-defined lighting scenes.






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