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NOVA-LUX speakers on LUCI AGM Conference

LUCI Lighting Urban Community International, an international organization that gather cities interested in improving the quality of their public and urban llighting, including architetural lighting and organizing lighting festives, invites NOVA-LUX to be a speaker on their Annual General Meeting organized in Dubrovnik on 6th of November 2014.

It was not a first time that NOVA-LUX was invited to speak about lighting on LUCI events, but this AGM was a wonderful opportunity to talk in front of all-arround-the-world city represetatives about lighting project of Dubrovnik Old City. This complex lighting implementation project, based on Lighting study made by LiDAC Philips, combines the architectural lighting of city walls and surroundings, architetural lighting of historical objects inside the Old city, urban lighting and decorative festive lighting. The whole project from lighitng concept of each part till implementation on site is made under the strict control of architectural conservators, since the whole Old City is under protection of UNESCO. Therefore, each detail is defined very precizelly, regarding positioning of luminaires, cabling etc. Today, the first phase is finished, and now the second phase (of three overall) is under development.




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