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Lighting of Zadar Old city in media

On the invitation of the Mayor of Zadar city, the light design concept of the part of the Old City Core of Zadar made by NOVA-LUX is presented in front of the Town Government and media on 13th of March 2015. The light concept defines architectural lighting of the main historical objects and urban lighting within the area of the Old city that is supposed to be finalized in the first phase of reconstruction of public lighting in Zadar Old city. This project is made in coordination with the city authorities, architectural conservators and City Committee appointed for this project development, which left some issues opened in order to be defined finally by the City Government. This presentation ill follow the second step: City government will discuss about open issues regarding the lighting concept (regarding the type of luminaire for oublic lighting, for example), after which the document should be officially accepted and then finalized by electrical part of the project within NOVA-lUX in order to be implemented on site. After the presentation, it was announced by the Mayor that the city will not stop on this part, but will continue with the lighting reconstruction for the whole Old city.


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