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Hotel President in Dubrovnik – grand opening

Hotel President is opened after a complete reconstruction on 19th June 2014. For public spaces NOVA-LUX have made a light design in close collaboration with the client Valamar Hotels & Resorts and architects Studio92. The clilent has a very long experience with hotel rennovations, therefore they are able to express their requests and wishes very precizelly, which is very useful for designers. Moreover, Studio92 have made a remarkable job of a complete renovation of this hotel, after which it becomed a 5-stars hotel. The interior design was succesfully made by team from Valamar itself, which is also very important input for light design.

Our goal with the light design was to create an attractive, appealing appearance with creating a specific, cozy atmosphere and to add a luxury touch to the hotel overall with the lighting. Exterior lighting with the square in front of the hotel entrance is enriched with decorative lighting of landscape and architectural elements like fountains and letters on stone wall. Interior lighting is accentuating the specific interior architecture and interior design concept. With well planned light management control we have made a lighting system multifunctional and very easy to manage by the final users. For some zones in which investors and architects left us a freedom to play with the creative ideas, we have created some unique light design solutions that later becomes a recognizable symbol of Hotel President, like indoor swimming pool lighting for example.





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